My thoughts on #SaveMarinaJoyce (spoiler alert: everyone is taking this way too far)

Screenshot 2016-07-27 at 14.03.07

A beauty YouTuber named Marina Joyce basically became famous overnight after fans claim that this girl is being held hostage, abused by her boyfriend and also kidnapped by ISIS.

Wait, what?

Let’s rewind here for a little bit.

Marina Rose Joyce is a nineteen year old YouTuber from London, UK. She has been making YouTube videos for several years and had about 600.000 subscribers on her channel before she blew up (right now she has about 900.000, and I’m expecting that to grow even more.) Recently, her videos have gotten a bit weird, I won’t deny that. Compare this video to this more recent video. Marina seems.. pretty out of it. She’s repeating words, nervously looks around the room, she’s jumpy and seems to hear/see things behind the camera.

There is obviously something wrong with this girl. People have claimed Marina is being abused, held hostage and/or drugged because of the way she’s acting in video’s. She also seemed to have some bruising on her arms and legs and have someone help her with making and/or editing her video’s.

However, I think some people are taking this shit way too far. So many people are spreading rumors about her parents and her boyfriend abusing her based off of a couple of YouTube video’s. It’s not our place to diagnose her because frankly, we don’t know anything about this girl. We don’t know if she’s acting. We don’t know if she’s high. We don’t know if she has personal/mental health problems and she doesn’t want to tell her audience. We. Don’t. Know. 

Screenshot 2016-07-27 at 14.09.05

^ Because this is totally not far fetched.

If Marina is in trouble, I honestly feel for her and I hope she will get (professional) help. But so many things could explain her behavior in these videos and it’s unfair to blame people without knowing the ins and outs of this situation. Just because you’ve been watching someone’s YouTube video’s doesn’t mean you know them, even though it might feel that way.

Normally I don’t talk about this kind of stuff on my blog, but I really felt like I had to get this out there. Anyways, how do you guys feel about this situation?


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